Creating Social Change

Social change doesn't last without Productivity & Leadership.

I see productivity and leadership as the primary mechanisms of lasting change, no matter whether it’s change you want to see in your personal life, or change you want to see in society. I’m excited by the social action happening right now that is working to dismantle systemic racism and embed antiracist policies and practices into our society. One aspect of our mission at Productive For Good is to facilitate such social change by sharing the knowledge and skills needed to make such changes last. 

Lasting change takes more than big ideas and conviction – it takes sustained motivation and action. Productivity is essentially purpose-driven action; leadership motivates and guides a group’s productive action. How successful have you been at translating your passion for social change into productive action, either as a contributor to social change or someone leading it?


I want to help.

I offer two online courses: the Intentional Productivity and Intentional Leadership courses. If you want to contribute to or lead social change, I designed these courses to help you to be more productive and efficient along the way. 

I also recognize that there are many people out there who feel so overwhelmed by their work and/or home lives that they simply don’t have the time or energy to work on contributing to social change right now, even if they care deeply about it. I want to help these people to regain control of their time so that they can eventually find the time in their day to pursue causes that matter to them. If this describes you, take a look at the Intentional Productivity course. 

I’ve also worked hard to make these courses as accessible as possible by making them both short and affordable – if you’re passionate about contributing to or leading social change, I don’t want cost to stand in your way

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