Overview of the Productivity Superpowers system

Overview of the Productivity Superpowers Framework

Imagine having superpowers that gave you a sense of control over your productivity; that allowed you to not just do the urgent tasks, but also the ones that are important to you personally. I want everyone to have more choice in how they spend their time and how effectively/efficiently they use their limited time. I also want their productivity to support their psychological well-being so that they can continue doing good work long into the future.

That’s why I developed the Intentional Productivity system. It’s a simple, practical, research-based system for understanding and improving your productivity. The video below gives you a big-picture overview of the model. The video also gives you a look at how we like to teach things, using hand-drawn images that make the ideas easier to digest. I do the drawings myself – it’s the most time-consuming and enjoyable part of the process for me. 

If you want to learn more, take a look at the Online Intentional Productivity Course.

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