Overview of Leadership Superpowers Model

Overview of the Leadership Superpowers Framework

In an earlier post, I introduced the Productivity Superpowers model that we use at ProductiveForGood.org. In this post, I introduce the related Leadership Superpowers model. I think that everyone can benefit from the productivity model and anyone interested or involved in leadership will benefit from the Leadership Superpowers model. No matter whether you’re trying to better serve your customers, your community, or the world through social change, effective leadership will help make it happen more effectively and efficiently. 

Leadership is one of those things that we talk a lot about but have a very vague understanding of. What is leadership exactly? How do you evaluate your leadership and identify opportunities for improvement? What if there were a list of key areas that could guide your leadership efforts? 

That’s what I created with the Leadership Superpowers model. It’s a simple, practical, research-based system for understanding and improving your leadership. The video below gives you a big-picture overview of the model. The video also gives you a look at how I like to teach things, using hand-drawn images that make the ideas easier to digest. 

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