Leadership & Productivity

Expert guidance in the productivity and leadership side of social change.

How I'm Different from Other Coaches

My coaching gives you the knowledge, skills, and expert guidance you need to effectively lead productive change while maintaining your psychological well-being at the same time. I use research-based systems that I’ve developed to maximize the effects of your productivity and leadership. I bring a different background and approach to productivity coaching than most. Here are some of the differences.


There’s a difference between a psychologist who brings a deep understanding of how the human mind works and someone without that training who is only reading selected studies on productivity or leadership. My insights into improving productivity and leadership come from my expertise in a wide range of psychological processes that influence our behaviors and interpersonal interactions.

Cohesive and Concise System

I have a simple, research-based system that walks you through the 4 productivity superpowers (mind control, distraction control, task control, and time control) and 5 leadership superpowers (self guidance, productivity guidance, group guidance, perception guidance, and vision guidance). These systems are comprehensive in their coverage of the major enablers and obstacles to productivity and leadership, while also being simple to use in diagnosing your own changing needs.


In order to troubleshoot your productivity and leadership, you need to understand the factors that enable it. Many other coaches' understanding stops at tips and tricks. Tricks may help in the short-term, but they leave you helpless when they stop working. Once you understand productivity and leadership, you'll understand why certain tricks work some of the time, and you’ll be in control when they don't. I’ll give you actionable strategies for improving your productivity and leadership, while also making sure you understand why they work.


When explaining different aspects of productivity and leadership, I want it to make sense, to be engaging, and easy to revisit when you need a refresher. I often use hand-drawn visuals that make the content easier to digest and easier to remember.

Leadership & Productivity

I see leadership and productivity as being deeply connected. You can't lead well if you aren't productive in your own leadership tasks. And if your leadership isn't making it easier for your team to take productive action, then you're not leading well. Leading others to be more productive isn't as simple as you might think, but I've taught leadership to over 600 people over the last 5 years and I can teach you too. Even if you're not interested in leadership and only want to contribute to social change through productive action, it's still valuable to understand effective leadership and what you should be looking for in the leader(s) you want to follow.

Dedication to Social Change

I'm passionate about using my skills and knowledge to enable changemakers to do their work better to make the world better. I've coached changemakers and am myself co-founder of a nonprofit organization. I understand the challenges unique to creating social change and can support you through the process.

Standard Coaching Package

My standard coaching package includes all of the following. One month of coaching will be enough for some people (e.g., those interested only in productivity), while others (e.g., those interested in productivity and leadership) will want a longer coaching engagement .

This first call is to see if we’re a good fit for each other. You can tell me what exactly you’re looking for and I can answer any questions you have. 

I’ve developed two research-based self-assessments, one focused on leadership and the other on productivity. These will give us a better understanding of your current strengths and opportunities for development. If you’re interested in improving your leadership, you’ll complete both of these self-assessments; if you’re only interested in working on your own productivity, you’ll only complete the productivity assessment. I’ll then analyze these results before our call so that I can identify critical topics that we should discuss and incorporate into your coaching plan.

I help you to identify your primary needs and goals, along with a path forward that you’re excited about. 

Based on your self-assessment results and our first conversation, I send you a step-by-step leadership and/or productivity plan. The plan includes the key action items that we discussed on the call as well as a roadmap for steps moving forward.

When starting a new plan, questions will inevitably arise. You’ll get free access to an app that will allow you to ask me questions between our sessions so that you can keep your momentum going. The app also makes it easy for me to share resources (e.g., videos) and exercises with you, according to your specific needs. The app will even help you to keep track of your progress with the productivity plan so that you can make sure you’re on track. Note that use of this app is entirely optional – if you’d rather not use another app, that’s fine too.

These check-ins allow us to discuss progress, revise your productivity plan as needed, and provide guidance in any of the productivity skills you’re working on.

Package Cost

I use a sliding scale for my coaching in order to make coaching available to as many changemakers as possible, regardless of their financial circumstances. If you think coaching could help you to have a positive impact on the world, please reach out to me.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you put the work in to apply our approaches to your productivity/leadership and don’t see any benefits after the first month, you’ll get a full refund. We are convinced our approaches work and don’t want you to worry about not getting your money’s worth. 

Group Packages Available

Group packages are also available for organizations wanting to offer these and related services to groups of employees, including options for coaching sessions with groups of employees (instead of one-on-one sessions).

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