Closing the Expertise Gap Between Organizations and Consultants

One goal of LeadershipWhys is to give all individuals and organizations the tools and expertise they need to diagnose and improve their performance themselves, decreasing the need for consultants in many cases. This is particularly important for organizations that lack the funds needed to hire consultants. 

Sometimes a consultant is needed or would be beneficial in organizational change efforts. In such cases, the LeadershipWhys framework narrows the expertise gap between you and consultants, meaning you will start the process knowing much more about leadership and productivity than you would otherwise. And if your consultant completed the Leadership Whys certificate program, you two will already speak the same language.

Our Consulting Services

As mentioned above, we hope the LeadershipWhys courses will decrease many organizations’ need for consulting. So you should start with those courses. Then, if you still think you need additional consulting, get in touch with us about one of the consulting options below.

Leadership Development Programs

We will help you to develop a leadership development program that integrates the LeadershipWhys framework into your particular organization so that it addresses your particular needs. We will build your organization's capacity to internally develop and support the effective and motivated leaders your organization needs to thrive.

Organizational Development

We will help you to improve organizational performance and cohesiveness through an in-depth needs assessment, identification of changes needed, a plan for how to lead the changes while reducing resistance, and tools for monitoring the long-term effectiveness of these changes.

Executive Coaching

We can offer you guidance, feedback, and a source of accountability as you try to implement the LeadershipWhys framework to improve your own leadership and time management.

Institutional & Group Packages

This is somewhere in the middle between implementing the LeadershipWhys framework yourself in your organization and our Organizational Development consulting. The packages provide you with discounted rates for making these courses available to many people in your organization. You also get additional resources for internally publicizing the courses, user support, and tools for evaluating course participation and effectiveness.

Visualizing Your Organization's Vision

The LeadershipWhys framework teaches the importance of your employees and customers knowing why the organization's work matters and its vision for the future. If you like the hand-drawn video process used in the LeadershipWhys courses, we can help you to clarify your organization's logic model for what it does and why, and then help you to translate this into simple iconic drawings that are engaging and easy to remember. We'll do the drawings for you, develop a script with you, create the video, and pilot different versions of the video with your employees and/or customers to make sure it's having the desired effects.

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