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Intentional Productivity
Online Course

Intentional Productivity
Online Course

Welcome to the Intentional Productivity course!

You can access all course lessons using the list below. I encourage you to share thoughts, questions, insights, etc., in our private forum. You can access the forum by clicking on the yellow Forum button at the bottom of each course page (see below).

You should have already worked through the Quick-Start Guide – if not, go ahead and do that now! You should see the Quick-Start Guide mini-course when you click on My Account (email me if you don’t see it). The Quick-Start Guide will give you techniques for starting to become more intentionally productive. This larger Intentional Productivity course picks up where the Quick-Start Guide leaves off by diving deeper into the Productivity Superpowers to explain the essential concepts behind them and additional techniques/strategies you can use as needed. 

This course is longer than the Quick-Start Guide because it has more ground to cover, but it’s designed to be as concise as possible, minimizing the amount of time you need to invest while maximizing the value you take away from the course. You can work through this content as quickly or slowly as you’d like. 

Remember that you’ll always have access to the course materials so I encourage you to revisit course lessons and videos in the future whenever you find yourself struggling with a particular aspect of your productivity.

Remember to ask any questions you have on the Forum or email me directly at