Purchase Bulk Courses

This is where Certified Intentional Productivity Guides and Certified Intentional Leadership Guides are able to purchase bulk courses. Note that Guides should only purchase the bulk courses that they have the relevant certification for; in other words, if you’re a Certified Productivity Guide but not a Certified Leadership Guide, then you are only eligible to purchase bulk Intentional Productivity courses.

Purchase Instructions

Under “Group name,” enter your name (this will not be visible to your clients).

Under “Courses,” enter the number of bulk courses you wish to purchase.

Check the box next to the course(s) that you wish to purchase in bulk (only select a course if you are a Certified Guide for that course). 

After completing the purchase, you will have access to a “Group Management” page upon logging into productiveforgood.org. 

Below you should see options to purchase the course(s) relevant to your certification. If you have both the productivity and leadership certifications, you should see two sections below in which you can purchase both courses separately in bulk. If you don’t see any bulk purchase options below, that means the system doesn’t think you’ve completed either certification. If you believe this is in error, please email me about it!

Email me with any questions at matt@productiveforgood.org.