Group Management

You do not have permission to manage groups.

Group Management Page Instructions

Below are instructions for the primary ways in which you’ll want to use this Group Management page.

Track client progress. Track your clients’ progress through their course(s) by clicking on “Reports” (right side of page) and then selecting “Course” to see a list of all clients and their progress on a particular course (if you’re a Productivity and Leadership Guide), or “Progress” to search for a particular client to view their progress on each course, lesson, and topic.

Share course with a client. Under “Enrolled Users,” the number of “courses remaining” is the number of courses remaining that you can give new clients access to. To give access to one of these courses, click the box below that says “Users”. It will give you 4 options for adding clients. Email me if you have any trouble with this. Note that once you’ve given a client access, this access is permanent and cannot be taken back.

Purchase additional bulk courses. If you need additional bulk courses (e.g., if you’ve shared all of your previously purchased bulk courses with clients), you can click the “Add Seats” box and follow the directions.