Better Leadership
Better Time-Management
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Smart approaches that work.
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Old understandings of leadership and time management are holding us back.
It's time to change that.

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Whether you’re just looking to improve your own productivity or looking to lead others, you first have to understand the whys behind how we make the most of our limited time. The Time Whys system is a time management, work-life balance, and mindfulness system all in one.


Rooted in decades of scientific research.


Focused on the essential things you need to know.


Apply what you learn
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Effective Leadership...

Creates the optimal conditions for group members to WANT and be ABLE to do their best work in limited amounts of time

(spoiler alert: threats and micromanaging are not the answer...).

Makes the group they lead a source of belonging, meaning, and satisfaction for its members.

Embeds equity and inclusion into the organizational culture for the benefit of all

Effective Time Management results in...

Higher productivity (quality and quantity) in less time (efficiency)

More enjoyment of your work—even the work you don't want to do.

More time for personally meaningful tasks and projects (e.g., side projects)

Effectively carving time out of our daily schedule for things we know we should do (e.g., exercise, meditation)

Make Science Work for You

Psychological researchers have figured a lot out about human performance and leadership. But they haven't pulled it all together into concise, practical frameworks. Our psychologist did.