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QS6. Conclusion

You made it through the Quick-Start Guide to Intentional Productivity! Watch the video below… What now? Continue working to develop your Productivity Superpowers as described in this Quick-Start Guide (QSG). Remember that you can revisit the different sections as often as you’d like. Also feel free to ask questions or share your experiences in the …

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QS5. Distraction Control

Distraction Control is the ability to minimize distractions and interruptions that are under your control – this includes distractions caused by external sources (e.g., phone notifications) and by internal sources (e.g., psychological discomfort that pushes us towards distractions). Managing Distractions Here are a few things to remember from the video: – What changes can you …

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QS2. Mind Control

Mind Control is the ability to influence your mental state (e.g., emotions, concentration) and mental resources (e.g., knowledge, skills, abilities) from one moment to the next so that it is most conducive to Intentional Productivity and well-being. Imagine having a series of sliders (see drawing above) that you could move up and down to adjust …

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QS4. Time Control

Time Control is the ability to make good use of the limited you have in a day. It’s the feeling that you control how your time is spent, not that your time controls you. It’s also being able to control how you adapt to interruptions out of your control. I give some suggestions for doing …

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QS3. Task Control

Task Control is the ability to set, capture, and organize tasks in a way that makes it easier for you to accomplish them. I give some suggestions for doing this in the videos below. I use Trello in the video and suggest you do the same unless you already have a different task management app that you …

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QS1. QSG Overview

Introduction If you’re motivated to be more productive, enjoy your days more, and make time for the activities that matter the most to you, you probably want to see those results as soon as possible. The good news is that there are some things that you can start doing today that will set you on …

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MC2. Intentional Habit Formation

Our behaviors are sometimes the result of us exerting effort to get ourselves to do something and at other times they’re simply a habit – a behavior we do automatically without thinking about it or putting effort into it. Throughout this course you’ll learn many small behaviors that, as habits, will help you to continually …

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DecC3. Feedback

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DecC2. Action Steps

Decision Control has a number of steps that really should be followed when making important, high-impact decisions. To make this process easier, I created a Google spreadsheet that will walk you through the process. I suggest that you use this spreadsheet whenever you are making important decisions. Decision Control Spreadsheet (v1.0) Click Picture to Copy …

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DecC1. Concepts & Strategies

The Productivity Superpowers influence the psychological conditions that enable or hinder productive action in a given moment. Decision Control is a bit different. We frequently make decisions about what goals to pursue and how to pursue them. These decisions provide direction to our productive action. Decision Control can be thought of as the rudder that provides …

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