Topic Category: Mind Control

MC2. Intentional Habit Formation

Our behaviors are sometimes the result of us exerting effort to get ourselves to do something and at other times they’re simply a habit – a behavior we do automatically without thinking about it or putting effort into it. Throughout this course you’ll learn many small behaviors that, as habits, will help you to continually …

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MC5. Feedback

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MC4. Action Steps

Action Steps To start increasing your mind control, you need to make the different mind control behaviors into habits. Your goal is to start small until these practices have become automatic part of your daily routine.  Start a meditation habit! Using the guidance above, identify a clear prompt during the day that will prompt your …

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MC3. Meditation Guidance

Meditation Instructions The Quick-Start Guide breathwork meditation practice integrated functional breathing (light, deep, slow) with concentration-focused meditation. The video below spends more time talking about meditation in general and concentration-focused meditation practice specifically. I encourage you to continue starting your meditation sessions with the light, deep, and slow breathing and then as you become more …

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