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TmC4. Feedback

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TmC3. Reflection

Bringing It All Together: Videos + Self-Assessment Open up your Productivity Superpowers Self-Assessment report (it was emailed to you after you completed the survey; you hopefully saved that report somewhere on your computer). Take a look at your score for Time Control. The self-assessment you completed asked specifically about (1) how often you make a …

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TmC2. Action Steps

You just heard the concepts behind Time Control. How you actually do Time Control was explained in the Time Control section Quick-Start Guide. If you need a refresher, revisit those videos. Below are a few suggestions and reminders to help you stay on track with improving your Time Control. Summary of Key Steps for Using …

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TmC1. Concepts

This is where the magic happens and the whole Productivity Superpowers system comes together. Time control allows you to harness your other productivity superpowers to be mindfully productive – aware of how you’re using your time, with the freedom to adjust course as needed. Take a look…  The Concepts Behind Time Control Below are the …

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