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Intentional Productivity

For people people struggling to make progress on the projects that matter. You have exciting ideas — I’ll give you the tools to act on them.

Intentional Leadership

For leaders trying to create positive change. How do you lead the change you want to see AND still get everything else done?

We need new narratives for productivity and leadership.

We need new narratives for productivity and leadership.

Productivity and leadership are more than just paths to high performance. When done right, they can also be paths to meaningful work, psychological well-being, and a thriving society. 

Productivity and leadership are at the heart of our work’s impact on others, how we treat each other and ourselves in the workplace, and they are the driving forces behind any positive changes we wish to see in the world. Yet few people have ever been taught how to intentionally manage their tasks and their time; few leaders have ever been taught how to inspire and enable their teams to thrive.

Intentional Productivity

If you have ADHD or something similar, it probably means you have lots of exciting ideas and interests. But acting on them is a challenge.

The irony of ADHD is that your mind is too productive – it’s constantly producing thoughts, ideas, and insights. You just need a productivity system that can keep up and give you some control. You need a productivity system that allows you to harness the creative potential of the ADHD mind without getting overwhelmed in the process.

Intentional Leadership

Just as the ADHD mind is constantly being pulled in different directions, so too are most leaders.

Leaders have so many different responsibilities that doing the work that goes into effectively leading a group of people is often overlooked. Given how busy leaders are, what are the core things they should be doing and when? Most books and courses on the subject make leadership far more complicated and vague than it needs to be. I believe the core goal of leadership (and management) is to make it easier for people and teams in your organization to accomplish their shared objectives. The Intentional Leadership system focuses on 5 key research-based activities that enable you, as a leader, to do this.

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Meet Your Coach

My name is Matt Jarman. I’m an organizational psychologist and former psychology professor. I spent 6 years developing my unique, research-based systems for Intentional Productivity and Intentional Leadership. 

Although my teaching and research experience significantly inform my work, my productivity system was originally developed in response to my own needs as an adult struggling with ADHD and unable to find any systems that really worked. I see ADHD as a superpower that can be harnessed with the proper approach.

I’m passionate about working with people who have the capacity to do great things and just need some guidance in reaching their potential.

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