Get Your Staff Trained

Do your staff support high school, undergrad, or grad school students? We can train them to help students stay excited and productive in their schoolwork. If your staff help students in some way, a practical understanding of productivity will help your staff to be more effective.

Whether your students are struggling with stress, procrastination, low grades, ADHD, or other common academic struggles, our simple productivity framework will make it easier for your staff to provide students the guidance they need.

All students need 4 core productivity skillsets to thrive: the ability to manage their mind, tasks, time, and mental pulls.


Workshops for Staff

We offer workshops to any staff in a student support role, including counselors, tutors, coaches, professors, etc. We also offer workshops for students in peer-to-peer support roles.

Workshop Topics can include:

  • ✅ Productivity: The 4 skillsets (managing tasks, time, mind, & mental pulls)
  • 🌪️ Stress: Harmful & helpful types
  • 🧠 ADHD: Thriving in school
  • 🔥 Engagement: ↑ excitement, ↑ attendance
  • 📚 Procrastination: Sources & solutions
  • 💤 Boredom: Turn it into excitement
  • 🛡️ Mental Resilience: Core mental habits
  • 🤖 AI in Academia: How, when, & why

We can also customize the workshop topics based on your needs.

Our approach to all topics is rooted in students’ well-being (psychological and physical). We believe well-being facilitates productivity and that productivity techniques should support well-being. Given the rising levels of stress among college students, this focus on well-being is essential.

Get Expert Training

In college, students learn to think critically about information and evaluate the credibility of its sources. Yet the the productivity guidance staff give students usually comes from questionable online sources that weren’t created by an expert in the field. Most productivity resources online are superficial, incomplete, and misleading. If your staff support students in some way, they need training from an expert.

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Dr. Matt Jarman is an organizational psychologist, former psychology professor, and has been teaching productivity for almost 20 years. He has expertise in productivity, engagement, and ADHD. Matt was a student of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (considered a father of Positive Psychology and author of Flow).

ADHD is a Cry for Engagement


If you work with students, ADHD probably comes up a lot. The typical behavioral treatment for ADHD focuses on basic productivity ("executive function") skills. These are necessary but not sufficient for helping students with ADHD.

When the ADHD brain is distracted, it's looking for activities that generate a strong mental pull – sources of challenge and excitement that it's eager to dive into.

If students with ADHD are able to harness their brain's search for engagement so that it points towards their schoolwork, suddenly their active mind will be a huge asset to their studies.

Our workshops teach staff techniques for helping students to get excited about otherwise boring schoolwork. These techniques are complementary to any other counseling services the student may be receiving.

🎙️ Want to hear more about our approach to helping students with ADHD? Listen to our short podcast episode: "Students with ADHD speak a different language" (9 min)

Workshop Details

  • Flexible Format: 1-4 hours over 1 or more days.
  • Zoom or In Person: Based on your preference and location.
  • Customized Content: Tailored to your unique needs.
  • Shareable Student Handouts & Assessments: To share with students you support.
  • Additional resources available (at additional cost):
    • Staff Q&A discussion forum
    • Video library

Other Partnership Options

Matt is also available to partner with schools to create or improve their own in-house academic support programs that are research-based and effective. Work with a productivity expert to make sure your program is providing students with the support they need the most.


These services would include:

  • 🔍 Needs assessment
  • 🧭 Guidance in content development (e.g., time management, stress management, thriving with ADHD)
  • 🛠️ Staff training
  • 📈 Design of a program evaluation process (e.g., processes for collecting data, analyzing, and reporting program outcomes)
  • 🔗 Integration with existing student-support services
  • 📢 Development of a student outreach plan to make more students aware of these services
  • 🎯 Plus anything else needed to make the program a success

Interested? Let's Talk!

If you think this sort of workshop (or other partnership options) might be of interest, let's talk! Click the button below to tell me a bit about what you have in mind and to schedule a free 30 minute call.

In the call, I'll get a better sense for your needs and we can brainstorm what format and topics would be of most value to your staff.