Professionals Need a
Personal Productivity Trainer


Instead of trying to cram productivity tips and tricks into your head, you need someone to quickly guide you through the actions of being productive. It needs to be done in a way that’s easy and doesn’t require you to remember a list of steps. What you need is a Productivity Trainer.

Personal 💪🏼 Fitness Trainers provide just the right amount of action-focused guidance for you to achieve your physical goals. A PersonalProductivity Trainer does the same for work and personal goals.

Our virtual Productivity Trainer tools walk you through...

📅 Planning your work for the day, every day

🧭 Getting back on track when you find yourself distracted, overwhelmed, or otherwise struggling

🏓 Protecting time for the other activities you want to be doing, whether that’s exercise, hobbies, or spending time with friends & family

📓 Other essential skills needed to thrive (e.g., note-taking, decision making, ADHD strategies)


More Work & More Distractions


There are always more new tech tools to learn, more books and podcasts to digest, and more distractions everywhere you look.  The Productivity Trainer makes it easier to stay on top of your work while learning and growing in the process.

The productivity guidance given by the Productivity Trainer is applicable to all your work and personal goals.

Interests & Passion Projects Matter Too

It can be a challenge to pursue your career while also making time for other interests, passion projects, and side hustles. The Productivity Trainer will help you to manage your time in a way that makes it easier to pursue those other interests as well.


Finding it Hard to Learn Out of School?


Many people find it harder to learn new things when they’re doing it for themselves and not being told what to do by a teacher. The Productivity Trainer program will give you the guidance you need, like a fitness trainer!

The Productivity Trainer and related resources will give you different resources to help you with identifying topics to learn, skills for note-taking that will make it easier to digest material, and tools to help you overcome internal resistance when the going gets a bit tough.

What Do the Productivity Trainer Tools Look Like?

The Productivity Trainer includes:

→ Interactive guides that walk you through daily productivity tasks such as planning your day and getting back on track after distractions.

→ Instructional video and text resources on different topics (e.g., ADHD, note-taking, decision-making)

→ Private discussion forums where community members can quickly get the support you need

→ Templates for task, time, and note management


The Productivity Trainer is NOT an online course. Those take long and are quickly forgotten. The Productivity Trainer quickly gives you the guidance you need, every day that you need it.

Three Ways We Can Help You:

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    Get access to the Productivity Trainer tools (e.g., interactive daily planning guides, recalibration guides, etc.) and a private discussion forum to ask questions about using these tools to thrive in your work and life.

    Yearly (2 Months Free!) Monthly

    Professional Pricing

    (billed annually)
    • Daily Planning Guide
    • Recalibration Guide
    • Additional guides/resources (e.g., note-taking, exam prep)
    • Task, time, and note management templates
    • Private discussion forum for questions & support

    To subscribe, make the appropriate selection below:

    * Nonprofit employees receive a discount of $5/mo on monthly and annual subscriptions.

    Need financial aid? If the subscription cost is more than you can afford, fill out this form to explore other payment options. We don’t want money to be a barrier.

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    One-on-One Coaching

    Want to work with me one-on-one for more personalized guidance? I have limited coaching availability, but email me if you're interested.

    One-on-One Coaching

    $500 for 4-session package
    • Weekly 30-min sessions with me (or twice per month)
    • Individualized troubleshooting and guidance
    • Guidance in research productivity that doesn't sacrifice psychological well-being