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Your WordPress theme “Customizer” panel allows you to change the colors for links and buttons across the entire website, without needing to go through each page making adjustments.

Keep in mind though – other parts of your pages, such as row backgrounds, are still adjusted inside the page builder itself, and the page builder allows you to save a color palette so you can quickly find the exact color you want.

Here are instructions for changing colors on your website, and some resources to choose a cohesive color palette.

Changing Your Theme Colors

STEP 1: Click the “customize” button in the top bar, then click “general”.

STEP 2: Explore each section in the general area. They each have places to adjust colors.

Choosing A Color Palette

There is no order of importance, just good quality links (below), curated just for you.

ColorSpace – Match to your existing colors
Start with a color and then generate an entire world of matching colors, color gradients and much more! This is an interesting approach to getting the right colors.

Colormind – See how colors work on a website
Test a color palette on a website to see what it looks like on buttons, headings, paragraph – even with considerations of contrast and texture.

Color Lisa – Color palette masterpieces of the world’s greatest artists.
Here’s a creative way to find color palettes for your website. Color Lisa is a curated list of inspiring color palettes based famous work of the world’s greatest artists. Each palette was painstakingly created by color-obsessed designers, artists, museum curators, and masters of color theory.

Adobe Color CC
Want to see how deep you can go with color schemes? Check out Adobe’s professional color wheel. Create color schemes with the color wheel or browse thousands of color combinations from the Color community.

Color Palette Generator from Canva
Easily generate awesome color palettes from an image. Upload an image and this little app gives you a color palette complete with hex codes.

Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project
I always refer to this website when I’m looking for a pattern. These are free and good quality, and you would use them as “tiles”, a repeatable image that creates a background texture.

Learn About Color Theory (5-minute video)

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