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Hi, I’m Matt Jarman

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Photo by Sara Tro

I’ve been in your shoes...

Throughout school I was always stressed, struggled to stay on top of work, grappled with ADHD, and rarely had time to just have fun. This was my experience throughout high school, college, and graduate school.

When I taught as a psychology professor, I saw students going through the same struggles. And it didn’t get any easier to manage my time and stress when I left teaching to start a new business.

But I have an advantage – I’m an organizational psychologist and have been studying and teaching about topics related to productivity for almost 20 years.

I started Productive for Good because I know there’s a better way to manage your time and stress while actually enjoying your work.

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How well are you managing your productivity? We developed a simple 4-factor framework for understanding the psychological factors that drive your productivity. Take our free 5-10 min self-assessment to get a customized report on how you're doing in each of the 4 areas.

This Works for ADHD Too!

Many of our community members are also learning to thrive with ADHD.

There are essentially 3 treatment strategies for ADHD: medication, behavioral (i.e., basic task/time management skills), or a combination of the two. Medication usually isn't enough on its own – medication makes it easier to focus but that doesn't make you suddenly good at making a plan for what you need to do and when.

Behavioral treatments tend to focus on basic task and time management strategies. Our program offers better guidance on task and time management, and in a way that's actually easy to stick to.

We also offer additional guidance and resources specific to ADHD.

This is what community members are saying…

"I've tried a lot of different methods for productivity or time management, but nothing seems to really stick for very long. I think the Productivity Trainer, because it's interactive and short, worked out a lot of the issues that other productivity systems have. If you're struggling with time management and task management, and particularly if you have ADHD, I think the Productivity Trainer can be very helpful."

– Bryan (Grad Student, Cornell University)

We Can Help You


Our tools make it easier to manage your time and enjoy school. And if you have ADHD or other struggles, we can help with that too.

Faculty & Staff

You have a lot on your plate. We can make it easier to manage your time and support students in the process.


Whether it's managing your time better, making time for side hustles, or making time for friends and family, we can help.

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